The HeartbreaksMorecambe’s finest, The Heartbreaks, gave us a glimpse into their upcoming album, Funtimes, after posting new song ‘Winter Gardens’ (which is now available for download through their Facebook page).

Lead singer and guitarist Matthew Whitehouse is still pouring his soul into the vocals and they’ve got the same emotional, personal lyrics but the new track has a slightly lighter sound than that of previous ones like ‘Jealous, Don’t You Know’ and ‘Liar, My Dear’. Their latest offering shows they can write interesting, enjoyable songs consistently and that their musical contribution is very valid. You’d be daft not to give it a listen because, in short, it’s a cracking tune with a lovely beat.

The Heartbreaks are another band brightening up the music scene and they aren’t too similar to anyone else around at the minute – they could well be the exciting band you’ve been waiting for. ‘Winter Gardens’ is an early hint that Funtimes is going to be an unmissable album this year. Can’t wait to hear the finished product!

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By Elizabeth Coop
Dance Yrself Clean

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