Lykke Li - Velvet (The Big Pink Cover)

Lately I can’t get enough of the lovely Lykke Li and ive been on somewhat of a covers bender, and as you may not know this Lykke Li girl really revs my engines with the music goodness she so effortlessly dolls out. Her cover of ‘Velvet’, an already stella song mind you is simply sublime. Cover songs can often be lacking in the emotion and sincerity that the original track contained, luckily Lykke Li has captured this track in all its glory and made it her own. If you get the chance make sure you check out her other covers of ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ and ‘Knocked Up’, both tracks have been wonderfully lykke li’ised in a way that only this gal knows how.

By Luke Boobyer

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