Milly Hirst

Milly Hirst, Norwich based acoustic artist, is the most promising of her kind that I have heard in a very long time. She is becoming a prominent figure in the Norwich folk scene and, after a first listen of her new self-titled EP; it really isn’t hard to see why. Her songs are utterly captivating, echoing with familiarity to those who haven’t heard her, yet offering ever-changing interpretations to those who have. Her brilliance as a songwriter is only second to her obvious talent and execution in her melancholic and haunting vocals, which keep my attention throughout each of her songs.

Each song tells a story and her bewitching voice leads me through every one, with the sorrow of Laura Marling and the conquest of Bon Iver. There is nothing more satisfying than listening to a new artist and being able to hear the effort and soul they have poured into making their music. That is what I get from listening to Milly Hirst. Her precision in her musical arrangement and imagination in lyrics, which speak of love and longing, is powerful throughout the record.

The tone, lyrics and gentle pluck of guitar arrange her songs so sweetly they could be lullabies. In my personal standout track, ‘Rose’, the softness in her voice and wide vocal range is at its most sincere. There is a warmth and maturity in her vocals and lyrics that reflect emotional capacity far beyond her years, and it is that which makes me listen to her over and over again.

Milly Hirst’s new EP was launched on 2nd November 2012. Get it over on Bandcamp

By Heidi Maunder
Dance Yrself Clean

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