Florence and the Machine

Only a short while back the kind souls of Dance Yrself Clean brought you ‘What the Water Gave Me’, the beautifully brand new track from Flo and co’s new album. Way back then, the album was as yet untitled. Miss Welch revealed today, however, that the new LP would be titled Ceremonials, and is slated for release on 31st October. Halloween! According to the lady herself “there’s big moments of confession in it, overcoming your demons and trying to find in song the ultimate hangover cure”. The record will feature ‘What the Water Gave Me’, as well as recently aired newy ‘Shake It Out’. The full tracklisting appears below.

Ceremonials tracklisting:

‘Only If For The Night’
‘Shake It Out’
‘What The Water Gave Me’
‘Never Let Me Go’
‘Breaking Down’
‘Lover To Lover’
‘No Light, No Light’
‘Seven Devils’
‘All This And Heaven Too’
‘Leave My Body’

By Joe Abbitt

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