Toy Lose My Way (Video)

Toy will be one of the bands of the year. That is beyond doubt. ‘Lose My Way’ follows ‘Motoring’ as the latest single from their debut record, and is set for release on September 3rd. Naturally a video accompanies the single, and naturally we thought we should review it. We are a music blog after all. Trouble is, this video really isn’t all that great. Sure, it’s got loads of psychedelic shit going on, there’s firework-y type things bouncing around above the blacked-out figures of the band, etc. And sure, when the vocals kick in and lead singer Tom Dougall’s face forms in the background it is actually pretty cool. The thing is, the whole thing just feels a bit media studies-esque and easy.

Good thing the track’s a corker though eh?

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By Joe Abbitt
Dance Yrself Clean

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