The Vaccines tend to be very busy boys. Having clearly put a lot of time and effort into growing Justin’s hair, it’s hard to say how The Vaccines have managed to write a second album and release the videos for the first two singles already. But somehow they’ve done exactly that.

Paying homage to their first album, ‘Teenage Icon’ opens with the boys stepping past a dog (you may remember him from his recent cameo in the ‘No Hope’ video) and into a lift, accompanied by an electro snippet of ‘If You Wanna’. While the familiar foursome play in an overcrowded lift, four female faux Vaccines provide an indie rock doppelganger effect in an parallel lift universe. At times it’s hard to tell whether you’re watching The Real Vaccines, or The Girl Vaccines. Justin’s hair really is getting out of hand.

This new track wouldn’t have felt out of place as part of What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? The chorus has that same repetitive, memorable, anthem style which have made the boys a quintessential festival band last summer. While they have only just released ‘No Hope’, this early video release allows fans to pick up the chorus prior to their appearances at Reading and Leeds in August.

We can’t be sure where that chorus comes from; as far as we can tell nobody has compared them to “Frankie Avalon”. Ever. And, despite being in a lift for the majority of the 3.41 minutes, they re-emerge on the same floor they came down some stairs to get to. And their instruments have gone. A zoom onto the lift sign clarifies that it’s probably a magic lift. Or something. It’s a bit confusing, but it’s The Vaccines.

‘Teenage Icon’ is due for release through Columbia Records September 2nd, and Come Of Age will be released on the 3rd.

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By Maddie Russell
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