“There ain’t nothing like an apocalypse to bring divorced co-anchors together”, hey? Summer Camp prove that familiar old adage with their rather spectacularly narrative new video.

Bruce and Penny, who have grace some screens for 15 years (apparently) don’t appear to like each other very much, and the stale puns that news is rife with just add to the tension. It seems as if Bruce has moved on from our Penny, but she is still hung up on her old flame (subtle wedding band based visual clues confirm what Penny’s grumpy visage can only hint at). Awkward.

Enter some global devastation.

Elizabeth and Jeremy create sub plot with their roles as flirty weather lass and an exceptionally wise scientist. The whole thing is smashing. I think this is my favourite video this year. And I bloody love a good music video.

Summer Camp, the follow up to exceptional debut Welcome To Condale, is available now via Moshi Moshi. Have a listen below.

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