Slumville Sunrise: a film by Shane Meadows starring Jake Bugg.

Mr Bugg enters a snazzy jewellery shop clad in what can only be described as a fucking hideous tracksuit. I mean really it is bloody appalling. Aided by a party popper or similar he then steals a £20,000 engagement ring and a fella with a centre parting and waistcoat tries to chase him down as he runs away from a green screen.

My personal highlight of the whole saga is probably the old lady who threatens Jake with a marrow for trying to use her mobility scooter as a getaway vehicle.

It only gets more ridiculous from there really.

When Jake finally gets round to proposing to his gal (who appears to be heavily pregnant with a pillow, and played Smell in Meadows’ This Is England), she’s having none of it, and the video ends with Jake muttering that he’ll “sell it on eBay or summit”.


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