Editors Pick of The Month September 2011

Heres my pick of the month, if you don’t agree with me then well your wrong quite frankly. I’m still head over heels for the Lykke Li cover of ‘Velvet’ so make sure you check that out at some point. The stellar write-up of Ed Sheerans + album written by one of our newest contributors Lorna Mackinnon is also worth a quick read, well if you’re not to busy listening to the ‘Velvet’ cover on repeat.

Ed Sheeran

Album Review of The Month

Ed Sheeran +

Lykke Li - Velvet (The Big Pink Cover)

Song of The Month

Lykke Li - Velvet (The Big Pink Cover)

Young Blood - Sound of Arrows Remix

Remix of The Month

Young Blood – The Sound of Arrows Remix

Lucy Rose

Article of The Month

Lucy Rose

Daughter - The Wild Youth EP

Most Viewed Article of The Month

DaughterThe Wild Youth EP

MP3 Steams of The Month

Daughter – ‘Run’

Lucy Rose – ‘Scar’

Video of The Month

Girls – Honey Bunny (Video)

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