Young FathersGreetings traveller. Today I present to you Young Fathers debut mixtape, Tape One, a unique hip hop album that combines many different genres such as reggae, dub and hip hop, all of which feature synth effects and tribal beats to create a lo-fi hip hop album like no other.

Though Young Fathers lyrics lack the flow and technical rhythm compared to some rappers, their tracks are flooded with memorable hooks that nearly had me chanting out loud as I walked down the street.

‘Deadline’, the first track, is a good overview of what the album is like, made up of a lo-fi African beat finishing off with an unforgettable hook.

Unfortunately, the tracks, though refreshing, are pretty short. But their shortness only left me wanting more and highly eager to see what Young Fathers will get up to and what they will put out in the upcoming year.

Discover Young Fathers: Official Website // Bandcamp // Facebook

By Eoin McNamee
Dance Yrself Clean

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