I’ve read a lot of things about Deap Vally, the most notable of those being that they met in a needlework class. But you know what? They also used to be called God’s Cuntry, which is brilliant in so many ways. They’re L.A. Valley girls, apparently the equivalent of being an Essex girl. I feel their pain. And, most most most importantly, they clatter about to make tunes that sound like the filthy, desert rat lovechild of Iggy Pop and Jack White. So forget their crochet hooks – they damn well ain’t important anymore.

There’s a relentless strut about these girls, be it in the motorcyle-roar of ‘End of the World’ or the desert stomp of ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’, while ‘Baby I Call Hell’ is worth a play even if only for that brilliant title. These girls are filling a void, and beneath their slacker vibes there’s an energy and dynamism we desperately need. ‘Gonna Make My Own Money’ sees its release on 7″ through Ark Records on 30th July.

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By Joe Abbitt
Dance Yrself Clean

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