Oh, what’s this? It looks like another female alternative pop singer. She’ll probably be really edgy, and cool, but also bafflingly photogenic. I bet she really wants to be like Debby Harry. Oh yes, she’s even gone so far as to call herself Sunday Girl. It’s clever because that was a Blondie song. Unfortunately it also suggests that she’s the female musician equivalent of the most disappointing day of the week; the one that inevitably comes around again, but is no better than it was last time. Let’s hope she can make up for her rather predictable demeanour with some sterling tunes. Oh no, wait, yep that’s right, she’s decided to cover a song from 2008. And MGMT’s ‘Time To Pretend’ too, a song that refreshingly subverted the clichéd stories of rock and roll stardom, let’s just hope she does it justice in a new and exciting way. Nope, she’s turned it into yet another cutesy, twee pop effort that, at best, will have the ad men in John Lewis’ head office go weak at the knees. But she got a scruffy looking guy to strum an acoustic guitar really emotively, and even sung the intro hook in a really kooky a capella way, surely it’ll be a massive success with tweenage girls looking for a new song whose lyrics they can claim explain “just, like, so totally how I’m feeling about my life right now”? It wouldn’t be surprising; the video literally has doe-eyed puppies and fucking kittens in it. At this stage it’s not even derivative, it’s just boring.

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By Alex Throssell
Dance Yrself Clean

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