Purity Ring present the eagerly awaited video for their latest single ‘Lofticries’ and, this time, director AG Rojas (Jack White, Earl Sweatshirt, Spiritualized) is calling the shots.

Rojas seemingly explores concepts of birth, death and isolation with graphic images of a home-birth, a drowned body and an empty playground full of toys, sewn together with liquid-like transitions. It seems that the online community have taken matters into their own hands to decipher the video, with users suggesting a desensitisation of the beauty of childbirth and even some mentions of Titanic references; if you’re searching for a video with an easily understandable concept, look elsewhere. Needless to say, a video of this complexity has caused a mixed reaction. I personally feel that the vast surrealism of the video goes hand in hand with the dreamlike trance that is Purity Ring’s music. It’s an art form that you are irrevocably drawn to, despite initially struggling to get your head around.

As Rojas put it: “‘Lofticries’ is a music video exploring the stoicism of psychically connected characters confronted by surreal, climactic moments. It is also a song off my favorite album of the year by Purity Ring.”

Whatever your interpretation may be, make sure you give it a watch below.

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