Dog Is Dead are one of our favourite bands. Fact. In a room full of excited fangirls we watched Dog is Dead sound-check before finally beginning their set; which itself was stellar, Dog Is Dead hold fantastic uniqueness in their music, accompanied by a great stage presence too! We’re not sure what ‘style’ we would throw their music into but it would be a bloody good one.

During ‘River Jordan’ the band stopped playing and surprised their front man Rob with a happy birthday song which the audience joined in with. We really enjoyed ‘Two Devils’ live, it was really vibrant and energetic; ‘Glockenspiel Song’ was the bands finale as one of their most popular songs and ‘band anthem’ the crowd was screaming along and the song gave a massive summery feel into the festival.

Top band, I really recommend them.

We managed to get a second interview with Trev the sax and bass player of Dog is Dead! We’ve also popped a link to our first interview with them too!:

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