I found this mooching about on Domino Records’ very own Youtube channel (a sound way of finding new music is to spend hours trawling record label sites dontchaknow) and what a find it is. You may very well be familiar with the previous output of this London lad, coming in the shape of a self titled debut and another record, Glue, under the moniker Eugene And The Lizards. Eugene has a brand new LP on the way, The Invitation to the Voyage, from which ‘Lion’ is the first single. It’s a cracker. Arty and chock full of swagger, it finds it feet at the crossroads of Franz Ferdinand and Miles Kane, with one hell of a catchy chorus. One listen and you’ll be all over it. The Invitation to the Voyage is set for release very soon, so keep an eye out.

Discover Eugene McGuinness: Official // Lastfm // Facebook

By Joe Abbitt
Dance Yrself Clean

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