All of Owsey’s music in one place…..for free ! If you haven’t listened to Owsey yet then you are missing out. Ambient dub garage beats infused with emotional soundscapes to create something very special. Tracks to note are

Sweetheart of Kairi – ‘Last Summer Song’

This is Owsey & Sorrows duo alias featuring Coma’s beautiful vocals this track is a perfect example of the more beat heavy tracks Owsey has to offer. Piano meeting a strong bassline and twisted garage drums.

Owsey – ‘The Last Smile From Sarah’

Owsey always creates huge atmosphere’s in his tracks this is one of the tracks I feel portrays this well enough to suck you into listening to more. Storms and rain are met by piano and strings, this coupled with the signature movie vocal samples almost tells a story.

But Owsey can remix just as well making up his own stuff giving large emotional reworks to already great tracks such as:

Birdy – ‘Skinny Love (Owsey Remix)’

Birdy’s cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love; was amazing and when you thought it couldn’t get any more interesting Owsey remix’s it. This ambient dub rework suits Birdy’s vocals so well giving a haunting atmosphere, using the original piano from the track but also adding some of his own.

All of these as well as ridiculous amounts of other tunes by him can be downloaded from the bandcamp links and if your feeling generous you can donate, but if not they can also be downloaded for free.

Owsey Bandcamp
Owsey Remixes

Safe Tom
Dance Yrself Clean

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