2000 Trees Festival is a relatively new and small festival. The festival was started back in 2007 by 6 friends who were fed up with the mainstream festival scene and decided to start their own. 2000 Trees features mainly underground British indie rock bands and in the past they have had bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Metronomy, Los Campesinos! And many other similar acts that are pretty big today.

This year they have one of their biggest line-ups and I am extremely excited to be going. If you’re going this weekend, here are a few bands I think you should definitely check out.


65daysofstatic are an instrumental post-rock band from Sheffield. Listening to this band just through headphones creates a lot of power and emotion and leaves you pretty gob smacked after every song. So seeing them live would have the same effect times a thousand. 65daysofstatic will be playing The Main Stage on Friday night.

Pulled Apart By Horses

Pulled Apart By Horses are an alternative rock band from Leeds. They use very heavy guitar riffs and fast paced drums accompanied by the lead singers suited screaming and shouting. Songs like ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ make you want to mosh by yourself in your bedroom, so just like 65daysofstatic seeing them live would create that effect times a thousand. Even watching videos of the band playing live makes you feel the energy and power they put in their performances through your computer screen. Pulled Apart By Horses will be playing at The Cave on Friday.


A relatively less well known band playing at 2000 trees, but this does not mean that they are one to miss. Gallops are another instrumental post-rock band with an electronic twist, however they did class themselves as ‘Sci-fi Geek Gay Rock’ in an interview from Leeds festival 2010. They are on Holy Roar Records who are affiliated quite a few other bands playing at 2000 Trees, such as Rolo Tomassi, Gallows and Pulled Apart By Horses. Their songs tend to create a build up of electronic keyboard and guitar, which peaks into a funky rhythmic clash of all instruments. Just like many bands playing at 2000 trees, they put a lot of energy in their performances and you’d most likely have a really fun time seeing them live. They’re playing at The Cave on Friday.

Dry The River

They seem to have been everywhere this year playing live at festivals all around Europe and doing gigs in every other city. Dry The River are a relatively new folk-rock band from Stratford. They are different from other bands in the new folk scene, in that their sound is a lot heavier than others such as Mumford & Sons. Dry The River’s lyrics seem to have a lot of gospel influence, and the choruses in their songs are enormously powerful and tend to cement into your brain so you can’t stop singing them. “They expect us to be really calm and quiet but in some ways we’re the opposite.” This quote is a very true statement from the frontman Peter Liddle, Dry The River bring a torrent of power and emotion through their live performances and definitely are worth seeing at 2000 Trees. They will be playing at The Main Stage on Friday.

Lucy Rose

The very cute Lucy Rose is an acoustic folk singer from Warwickshire. She contributed to two of Bombay Bicycle Club’s albums: Flaws and A Different Fix. Lucy Rose is accompanied by four other musicians, which form Lucy Rose’s band. Her voice is very beautiful, which goes hand in hand with the beautiful music that her and the band play. Definitely worth going to see her perform, and will most likely be a nice, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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