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Editor in Chief
Joe Abbitt :: [email protected]

I’m a third year English Literature student, but I don’t like the books people tell me to like. Biffy Clyro are my favourite band. I’m allergic to Chinese food. I wear leather jackets so that short sighted people might mistake me for James Dean. (Disclaimer: Not written by Joe)

Senior Editor
Maddie Russell :: [email protected]

English Literature graduate on a daily struggle against poor grammar. Fond of conversing with music minded folk and keeping the social media channels looking cracking. Favourite bands include but aren’t limited to Pulp, Fleetwood Mac, and Biffy Clyro.

Charlotte Cox :: [email protected]

I'm currently studying English and American literature at UEA. Musicwise, i'm a sucker for anything folky and accoustic, but I do love a cheeky bit of Arctic Monkeys and Biffy Clyro too. I'm into American expatriate literature, reading on the 'Beatnik' generation, Topshop and good food. Enjoy the blog! (it's lovely)

Conor Giles :: [email protected]

English student at Coventry University. Avid collector of CDs, vinyl and unnecessary band merch. I have a soft spot for folk singers who take too many drugs and sing about how sad they are.

Features Editor
Alex Throssell :: [email protected]

As a child I was molded by 70's heavy metal and 60's pop. Nowadays, despite probably being labelled a hipster, I'll listen to everything and anything as long as there's some integrity to it. I think music writers should be honest and unmerciful, but also be able to recognise beauty when they see it. I'm prone to both excessive irreverence and self-confessed cutting wit. I don't help the "hipster" label by drinking White Russian's, and riding my fixed gear bike through red lights all over Norwich.

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