Rose Bradshaw

So, a bit of an odd one here, because this London lass isn’t actually doing much to get signed in the music world. She’s just doing it for kicks. But, trust us, you’ll really want a kick off this girl. Our first foray into Rose Bradshaw‘s world came in the form of her cover of ‘Precious Time’, opening the door to a world full of cutesy acoustic strums, quirky jumpers and a ukelele or two. Our personal fave is her pretty and pretty cool rendition of girl of the moment Lucy Rose‘s ‘Night Bus’. So yeah yeah it’s all covers, but that’s exactly what Birdy did and people did their proverbial nut over her. We contemplated starting a record label to release her stuff, and then realised that if we show it to as many people as possible someone so much better equipped is bound to come along and make her all famous and stuff. No one’s asked her if that’s what she wants yet, but everyone wants to be famous right? MAKE HER FAMOUS.

Rose Bradshaw on Youtube
Rose Bradshaw on Soundcloud

By Joe Abbitt

Dance Yrself Clean

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